Here's a list of those who have RSVP'd that they are coming to this 50th Reunion weekend.   We ARE going to have a good turnout and great fun!!  If you are not listed, that means we haven't received your RSVP.  Come on, get going and plan to join us!  Any questions, contact Debbie Dew:
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Guest RSVP'd Purchased Tickets
Elizabeth Blair
Tom (Chud) Blair
Terry Haefli (Bowen)
Celeste Mariani (Bradley)
Dave Brooks
Pat Whitehurst (Brooks)
Mary Brown
Robert Brown (Brown)
Steven Brown
Larry Carr
Linda Berkey (Carr)
Froncie Clubb
Ken Clubb
Cynthia Collins (Collins)
TBD (Connor Party) Connor
Toodie Connor (Connor)
Bill Corra
Peggy Kistler (Corra)
Heather Cox
John Deffenbaugh
Deborah Stodghill (Dew)
Jamie Jacobs (Dinkins)
Jim Dinkins
Frank Galloway
Pam Poos (Galloway)
Al Garman
Barb Meier (Grant)
Rhonda Meister (Haefli)
Jeff Holst
John Hughbanks
Sherry Loy (Hughbanks)
Linda Knickerbocker (Knickerbocker)
Roger Maier
Mark Maston
Patty Jacobs (Maston)
Linda Matthias (Matthias)
Kathy Thies (McCorkle)
Bonnie Murray (Mosiman)
Mike Hah! (Mosiman)
Steve Myers
Hugh Nelson
Ric Olson
Nancy Page
Randy Page
Michael ( Mike ) Phillips
Betty Pugh (Pugh)
Jim Pugh
Ken - (Rogers)
Andrea Woloveck (Schaffer)
Betty LaBarr (Schmidt)
Bill Schmidt
Bill Snavely
Dave Veltman
Deborah Veltman
Don Vespa
Linda Lanier (Vespa)
Russell Waldron
Tammi Waldron
David Wand
Don Wetekam
Jim Wilton
Total 18 57