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Steve Elliott
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May 30, 1951 Retired Committed Relationship 3
Hi Schoolmates... I have lived various places around the country since getting out of NIU in "73". I moved to Southern California, lived there 13 years, 5 years in Texas and North Carolina since 1991. I was in management for a grocery chain for years, but now I'm retired living with Theresa, my beautiful girlfriend of 4 years. I live about 40 minutes from Wilmington N.C., which has offered Theresa and I the pleasure of doing some "extras" work in the film industry there. I have 3 kids, 1 in L.A., 1 in New Orleans and 1 in New Jersey. Family time is not nearly as often as I'd like! I, like many of us "boomers", reflect on my life with respect to living the remaining years in the most productive, meaningful manner.  Leaving this earth with "no regrets" would satisfy that passion. The picture submitted is Theresa, myself and my sister Linda.   Steve E Send Steve a MessageSend Steve a Message
Janet Ellis
February 07, 1951 retired postal clerk Single
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Roger Ellison
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Rocky Mountain Pre Mix Married 4

  After High School I floundered around a bit . I first moved to San Diego for a while went back to Peoria then settled in Boulder Colorado in 1976 where I met my wife Karen. We just celebrated our 25th in August, my 17 year old daughter Colee had a baby boy Jaiden 2 months, my mother turned 90 in August , my wife turns 50 on Christmas day and I turn 58 0n October 9th. Imagine that! I had a son in High School that I did not know about. Surprise he called me when he was 30 and said I think you are my dad. Loren is now 40 and lives in Mt.Auburn Ill. Karen has a 29 year old Brianna who lives in San Diego. We also have a 23 year old son Justin who lives in Denver. Karen and I left Boulder in 1988 and moved to Las Vegas . We were there for 19 years. Didn't think I could take it that long but we did. We decided to move back to Beautiful Colorado 5 years ago. Karen runs and owns Tuscany Day Spa and Salon. I am still in the Ready Mix Concrete business that Ron Amundsen got me in. He is retired and lives in gorgeous Coasta Rica. Something is wrong with my plan. Many of us from Richwoods have visited Ron and of course Kevin Krieger down there.

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Brett Fernau
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Writer Married
I am a writer, an artist, a husband, a friend, an avid reader, a shade-tree mechanic, a photographer, and a conservative. I love my wife, my cats, most of my family, my tools, a couple of my guitars, almost all of my books, and my friends. I take way too many photos, and spend too much time reading. My book collection is taking over my house.  I have published two books The Tenth Life and Zombies, Cats and Heroes, both of which are available through
Jim Fraser
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March 03, 1951 Financial Advisor- Retired Married 2

After RCHS, I headed to SMU in Dallas for an education and a great time in "Big D".
Graduated from SMU with BBA and MBA in Finance.  
Moved to Boulder CO where I pursued  a career in Finance and Wealth Management, and retired in 2014.
Married Aleene Brown in 198o and now have son, daughter and 2 grandsons. Son Michael is living in New York where he is a partner in a high tech startup company. Daughter Angela is married, has 2 boys and is living in Denver.”
My wife and I Transitioned  from Boulder to Beaver Creek Resort where I ski in the winter and golf, hike in the summer. Eating and drinking is year ‘round. Colorado is a great place to live!

We do a lot of travel now and are looking forward to getting back to Peoria for the 50th reunion. I will always be a loyal alumn of Peoria!
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Karen Weber (Fulks)
Retired Organizer Married
52 years ago we graduated?  No Way!!! 

I've been living in sunny Los Angeles since 1976 and mostly loving it (and yes, we DO have seasons other than fire, flood and earthquake:)

Have been married for almost 25 years to my heart-mate, Lyle Fulks who ised tp work for our Local SEIU Union as a Civil Service Advocate and 4 years ago he retired. Now he's busy writing a book about Labor History-I'll let you k now when it hits the bookstores :)

Just retired 7.4.2020 after 35 years of owning Organizer Extraordinaire.  Started out organizing everything under the sun and became a Quicken Maven and did personal bookkeeping. Now I get to organize MY stuff and do our OWN person bookkeeping :)  Must admit, because of COVID, this sure wasn't what I expected retirement to be. Hope this is all over soon.

Don't need children of my own as I have 7 nephews, 5 nieces, 11 great-nieces, 10 great nephews and 2 great-great-nieces. They range in age from 47 to 1 year old. 

Life is good...and when it's not, we just go on.  I've lived in Los Angeles now longer than I lived in Peoria but have not forgotten my Midwestern "roots." 

Hope everyone is staying healthy, safe and sane.
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Bill Gauwitz
Territory Manager, Soft Goods Business Group, Reinders, INC Married
Hi to all of you. Have a great summer and hope to see you in the fall. Bill Send Bill a MessageSend Bill a Message
Janet Kauffman (Gerth)
funeral director and business owner Married 4
I have enjoyed accessing the website and seeing how people have changed (for the best!) and learning what has been going on in their lives. I graduated from Baylor University School of Nursing in Dallas, TX in 1973.I met my husband, Fritz, in Dallas and we were married in 1973.  I have been a RN in various areas - OR, Recovery room, Med-Surg., Psych and Home Health. I am now helping my husband operate his family's 105 year old business of a funeral home/furniture store combination. Believe it or not, most funeral homes were started that way. We have four children. Three graduated from Mizzou and one from Baylor University. They live in WI, IL, and MO. Only one grandson, Zachary, who is five years old. My husband and I are working on retirement and spend several months in FL on and off. I don't think that we will make the reunion as we will be there in Oct. Best of luck to everyone. Send Janet a MessageSend Janet a Message
Jack none (Ginther)
Married 2
Tim Gonerka
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Leasing Representative Married 2
Greetings from Colorado. I have been here for 25 years after living in Ohio, Illinois, Iowa, and Texas. I married a Texas girl and we have two kids, the last one finally off the payroll by graduating from the University of Oregon. Both work in the advertising business. I have been in or around the shopping center business (managing, marketing, consulting) for 35 years and currently lease space for shopping malls in Colorado and occasionaly elsewhere in the Northwest US. In between, I tried my hand at running an art gallery. Fun, but no money to be made. I ski, play racquetball, golf, and cook. I just "retired" from working as a volunteer with Young life after 38 years. Let someone in the Colorado contingent know if you are coming through town. We would love an excuse to see you. Send Tim a MessageSend Tim a Message
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