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Betty Price (Curry)
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homemaker & Granny Bee Married 2
4 grandkids! 9, 7, 5, 3.  
Married almost 39.
Our sons are 35 and 37.
Husband is retired from United Technologies, Plant Manager.  Now does consulting work for factories around the world.
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carlene leyerle (curry)
Married 2
Married to Tom for over 36 years. We have a daughter and son. No grandkids. Send carlene a MessageSend carlene a Message
carlene leyerle (curry)
Been married to  Tom for over 40 years. We have two kids.  A son Josh and a daughter Heather and a granddaughter Adelai. She is 14 months old and the light of our life.

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Nicki Tassick (Decker)
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Domestic Diva Married 2
Wow!  Those 5 years went by fast!  Here we are on the threshold of our 45th anniversary ALREADY.  Looking forward to seeing you all again on Sept. 20th for another great gathering. 

What has changed in 5 years? Our family has grown (more ways than one) from 2 grandchildren to 7!  What a blessing and joy they are!!!  Looking forward to moving to the Eastern time zone very soon to be closer to all of them.


We will be having our own grade school reunion again on the afternoon of Friday, September 19, 2014.  (You will still have time to attend the evening event at Kouri's Pub.)  Please contact me  for further details if you have not received snail mail or e-mails about this event.  Tell other grade school classmates we are looking forward to seeing them there for 'meet your teachers'.  We will need paid reservations to know how much food and beverage to order.  Looking forward to seeing all you Rangers!!

Blessings to your & yours,
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John Deffenbaugh
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Non-executive Director Married 2
Been abroad since college, working in England, Scotland and Egypt.  Live in Glasgow at the weekends and London during the week.  Used to run marathons til the knees gave out.  Wife Penny a retired teacher, son John an architect in Denver at River North Art District, and daughter Fiona a jewellery designer:  Co-founder of a consultancy, Frontline, director for 28 years, recently sold so now doing portfolio roles.
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Debbie Stodghill (Dew)
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Retired Committed Relationship 2
I'm a bi-coastal mom.  My son lives in Danville, CA and my daughter lives in New York City.  I have one grandson 11 years old and a 7 year old grandaughter on the California side.  I retired in June, 2011 and moved back to the Peoria area.  Ric Olson and I live in a condo in Peoria.
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Rich Dickson
May 30, 1951 Retired Engineer, Cat Technical Center Married 2

Latest update: 04Feb16
Married to Bev for 39 years this Oct 1st. Two children:
Andy, 35 today; 3 years Army, BS architecture SIU, MS construction mgmt Wash U, lives in Chicago working for Crawford Company
Elisa, 34;  Peoria, IL PTA specialising in women's health. Married Chris Marchand, 03Jun06. Chris is the headmaster of Alethia School, a private, classical school (pre-K-12) in Peoria.
Three grandsons: Elliot 7, Micah 5, and Izaac 2
I retired from Cat Mossville Technical Center, Bldg L Engine Development Lab 30Jun14 with 35 years of service. I miss the technical challenge but not the politics. 
Bev and I support three Peoria charities, Habitat for Humanity, and Hillsdale College. We are Constitutional Conservatives.

Constitutional Conservatism flows from Judeo-Christian Biblical principles, but is religion-neutral — atheists can be (and are welcomed as) Constitutional Conservatives — Constitutional Conservatism does not seek to set up a religious government (as some conservatives desire). But in agreement with the original framers, freedom of religion is paramount to the Constitutional Conservative. However, religious freedom is freedom to, not freedom from. The foundation of Constitutional Conservatism stems from four simple ideas, expanding from one core principle — a return to the Constitution as the supreme law of the land. Both major parties ignore the Constitution when it suits them, and this must not be.

  1. Textual interpretation of the Constitution — The Constitution is not a “living document”.
  2. Fiscal responsibility — If you spend more than you take in, you’re in trouble. All levels of government must balance budgets each year.
  3. Charity — It is not the role of government to take care of people. Each citizen has a moral responsibility to help those less fortunate.
  4. Personal responsibility — It’s time society stops allowing “victims” to shift the blame somewhere else.
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Jamie Jacobs (Dinkins)
September 21, 1951 retired teacher Married 7
My husband Jim and I have retired to Arizona to escape the Illinois weather.  We still have 4 kids living in Illinois so we try to get back to Peoria as often as we can. Send Jamie a MessageSend Jamie a Message
Ted Duke
Qwner Aardvark Pest & Termite Control Inc Married 3
After high school I spent one year near St.Louis then returned home to Peoria.  I went to work for Thompson Food Basket where I met and  married  Lana Pauli. We raised three great kids, Jacob, Erin and Abby. Jacob is the General Manager for an ethonol plant in Bluffton, Indiana, Erin is the North American Team Leader for New World Pasta and Abby is a toy buyer for Target.Com. Erin and Abby both reside in Minneapolis.  Erin married last summer and Jacob just got engaged last month. No grandchildren yet.
Thompson Food Basket went away in the fall of 2000. I managed branches for Terminix which took us to Omaha and Des Moines. I retired and we returned home to Peoria in the spring of 2007. Three months later I started Aardvark Pest & Termite. Now I kill bugs, trade options, work on our house renovation and play a little golf.
Looking forward to the reunion. Hats off to the organizers and what a great website. Thanks for all your work.
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Turns to the Charles Addy (East)
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retired Turns (Addy) East Married
I was Chuck Addy (RHS - Class of 1969) from birth to March 13, 1994. I'm now Turns to the East.

Retired from U S Homeland Security / Customs and Border Protection - CBP (WA) -- 9 1/2 yrs. & USDA -- Forest Service (ID, WA & MI) -- 3 yrs. on June 29th, 2013.  Four WONDERFUL step-children in Woodinville, WA, Leander and Austin, TX and Post Falls, ID and 8 GREAT step-grandchildren (ages 4 to 11 yrs.) via my 3rd marriage.

What a long strange trip it has been!  
I have a profile on as Turns (Addy) East in the RHS Class of 1969 section.

I'll be coming back to Peoria for the first time since my mom (Lois Jean Addy) passed in March, 2013. I'll be staying with my sister, Jana Sheehan, and her family. They live just outside Rolling Acres on Imperial Drive (across and west from Northmoor Elementary School).  I expect to attend my nephew's (Zac Sheehan - Junior / center - #73) varsity RHS HOME football game at Peoria Stadium (due to on-going construction of the track at Endres Field) against Centennial on Sat, 9/14 at 1 PM. I also plan to attend my home town's Glasford Heritage Days over the weekend.

I'll be around from Sept. 10 to Sept. 17 and am looking forward to feeling the old spirit again.

Thank you Ken Rogers and others for funding this website which I have recently discovered. And thanks to Debbie Dew and the dedicated and obviously capable RHS Class of 1969 Reunion planning crew. 

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