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Sarla Clifton (Thal)
Retired School Administrator Married 1

I've lived in Colorado for all but 3 years since high school ~ it's the good life here with 300+ days of sunshine a year and great skiing and hiking.   My husband and I have traveled to many parts of the world - I'm an adventure 'freak'.  We're 'old' parents ~ have a 19 year old son who has been going to school in Israel this past year.   I just retired from working in middle schools for 32 years ~ now am trying to bring about world peace (me and Sandra Bullock ~ Miss Congeniality!) working with a bully prevention non-profit and the ADL 'No Place for Hate' program.   Still have that hippy philosophy that we can change the world to be a better place!

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Tom Thompson
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Business Intermediary Married 1
married 32 yrs to Cindy Atkins plus one darling grandaughter! Send Tom a MessageSend Tom a Message
Mark Tollefson
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Married 2
As of Fall 2013:
After graduation, I attended Bradley University and earned a degree in Physics.  I was in ROTC, and was commissioned as a second lieutenant in the Air Force.  I married a girl I met at Bradley, Bonnie Atwood,from Ottawa, Illinois.  We moved to Ames, Iowa for graduate school and a MS in Physics.
After that, I went on active duty with the Air Force and stayed on for 22 years.  It was a wonderful time for most of it.  I worked primarily with computers and satellites, but also got to do other interesting things such as teach at the Air Force Academy.  My final job was at Kirtland AFB in Albuquerque, NM, writing computer software to simulate satellites, orbits, and satellite systems.
After retirement from the Air Force, I returned as a civilian contractor doing the same job.  And then we moved away and I continued the same job by telecommuting.  That continued for several years until a government funding situation filtered down and cancelled the contracts with the company I worked for.  Since they weren't going to pay me any more, I decided I should probably stop working for them... hence, retirement.  That move away from Albuquerque was to allow Bonnie to better pursue her career as a professional librarian.  She finished her career as the Library Directory for Levy County, Florida, with 5 libraries.  After her retirement, we moved to Cleveland, TN for a few years.
We moved in December of 2012 to Medford, Oregon.  It was our 11th major move.  We now live in the beautiful Rogue Valley Manor, a continuing care retirement community.  If either of us should ever need anything from help getting dressed, to full-time nursing care, to Alzheimers care, it is available without leaving campus.  So this should be our last move.  We moved in as soon as we were eligible (old enough) so we could make friends and enjoy all of the available activities.  I am an amateur radio operator, N5XYV, and my station is in the Manor's radio room with access to six beautiful antennas on the roof of a 10 story building which sits atop a 200 foot hill.  What a dream.  That same hill gives our corner apartment a gorgeous view to both the North and West to the surrounding hills and mountains, and city lights at night.
Bonnie and I just celebrated our 40th anniversary.  We have two children.  Markus is a Marine Biolgist with the new Portland (Oregon) Aquarium, and is father to our GrandDaughter, Aurelia.  Marie is Doctor of Phyiscal Therapy with her own clinic in Morrilton, Arkansas, and tells us to expect a second grandchild in the Spring!
I keep busy fixing computer problems for friends, and singing with my Church choir and the Manor's choir.  I am a member of the Civil Air Patrol, and am studying to qualify to fly right seat on search and rescue missions.  I was quite active with the Kairos Prison Ministry in Florida and Tennessee, but that is just getting started here in Oregon.  I'm attending their first function this fall.  Finally, my main hobby is singing barbershop harmony, which I've been doing for about 15 years now.  This past July I sang with the Salem, Oregon, chorus at International competition, where we placed 12th in the world.  I love to sing, and if I can do a little acting along with it, all the better.  Pretty amazing for the kid who was almost terminally shy growing up.
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Cheri Tucker
April 29, 1951 Retired Paralegal Divorced 2
You all knew me as "Cheri Melton". My legal maiden last name, however, is Tucker, which I have used since graduation. So what has this bad girl done with her life?

After grad, did the travel the States thing from one coast to the other and eventually wound up in South Florida [where, by the way, I ran into Pat Richards & Alan Hoppe on Ft. Lauderdale Beach in the early '70s.. whatever happened to them, anybody know?]. I joined the Women's Army Corp in my early 20's and lived in Germany for almost 10 years. Married a soldier and both our children [Dagny n Jeff] were born there: 1 in Stuttgart and 1 in Munich. We've been divorced since 1987. 

The Army taught me 'bout computers so my first civilian job was at the University of Texas computer division. I later became a paralegal, litigation type, and I retired from that field in 2013. 

I am now living in Abingdon, Illinois because this footloose and fancy-free gal wants to be here at this time!! I'll probably move back to No. Florida where my kids and 5 grands live someday!! Maybe...

Has my life been fun? For the most part, you betcha!! Very interesting in the least!! I know I'm still laughing!! 

This is a fabulous site and the creators deserve lots and lots of praise!
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RETIRED Married 5
Linda DeWalt (Turner)
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Homemaker Married 2
Married 39 years to Gary. We have a son 36 and a daughter 33. We also have a little grandson who's 2. Send Linda a MessageSend Linda a Message
Laura Vredenburgh (Van Houweling)
BS Education, MSW Married 2
I have been living in the Iowa City area since 1977, living in Charlottesville, VA prior to that.  I have been married for 38 years to Bruce and we will be retiring in June.  Our 27 yr. old son lives in Des Moines and our 25 year old daughter in Seattle.  Send Laura a MessageSend Laura a Message
Linda (Lyn) Lanier (Vespa)
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July 07, 1951 Judicial Admin. Asst. Married 2

Always Remember:  I'm nice!!!
Hugs to you & a happy day, too!!!
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Ira Waldschmidt
Accountant Married 2

Living in Georgia for the past 30 years & lovin it - I sure don't miss the winters in Illinois. Two kids 28 & 24, but no grandkids (yet). Looking forward to seeing everyone at the 40th reunion. If you're ever in the Atlanta area, give me a call & bwe'll get together - open invitation.

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Ira Waldschmidt
Retired Married 2
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