This page will be dedicated to those classmates who have passed and are no longer with us in body but their "Richwoods" spirit will always carry on.  Our thoughts and prayers are with their families.  Life takes our classmates on many, various journeys, but someday, some believe, we will all reunite again in a happy place.
(Please notify me of names to add to this page to help make the list complete or make any corrections.)

Robert Almasi
Richard Anderson
Jan Bacon
Janette Barnes
Scott Barnett
Julie Bartlett
Michael Beebe
Marcia Bell Stoudt
Dennis Boles
Rita Brewer
Rose Brown
Steven Brown
Steven Burdette
Steve Burhans
Fred Carroll
Randy Easterbrook
Shelley Fabry King
Debbie Fay
Nancy Fitzmaurice Zears
Ellen Flora
Brian Gaffney
Frank Gutierrez, Jr.
Joe Habben
Randy Hallock
Sue Harbur Kaufman
Jim Haungs
Kim Hollingshead
Al Hornack
Gary Humeston
Sandy Kaminsky
Paul Kimsey
Greg Klahm
Larry Kohlhase
Steve Lawrence
Jerry Lofgren
Tammy Maas
Bela Mariahegi
Gordon Mayes
Bryan McCann
John Mellor
Brian Miller
Steven Miller
Sandy Moore McKelli
Terry Moore
Jerry Morris
Dave Nixon
Jim Obert
Susie O'Brien
Ric Olson
Terry Plaugher
Mary Jane Pruett Hannah
Patricia Putnam Jones
Mike Ralston
Clifford Reid
Bill Russell
Kathleen Scariot Custer
Diane Schemmel 
Gary Sexton
Bill Shuman
Ethel Smith
John Smith
Stan Sprenkle
Don Stephens
Mike Stepping
Darrell Tammeus
Mike Whelan