September 14, 2019
1 Year, 10 months and 22 days since
our Reunion.
How can we ever thank Debbie Dew for all her work to make our reunions so successful over the years? In addition, she’s kept track of class members which has allowed us to stay connected.  So thanks, Debbie! 

So our next reunion will be here before we know it!   
Many have expressed an interest in having a 55th in 2024. Please feel free to share any ideas you might have for the next gathering. We will try to incorporate them!  The priorities voiced already are informality, fluidity to move around, and controlled background noise so we can hear each other (old ears!)

Please contact me if. . .

§ Your contact information has changed so we can update our mailing and
email addresses. The "Need Addresses" Page will be up-dated regularly.

§ You have information about other classmates with whom you have contact or who may not be on our list.  As Debbie said, we’d hate to miss any classmate because we didn't have his/her updated information.

§ AND If you are willing to assist with the planning for the 55th reunion, I will welcome your help!

Happy New Year!
Sarla (Clifton) Thal
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